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What is the Wedding Coupon Book?

Wedding Coupon Book is Colorado's Bridal Magazine, distributed to thousands of engaged couples. A digest size magazine (5.5 wide x 8.5 deep), Wedding Coupon Book is comprised of full-page 4 color ads each with a unique offer / coupon for engaged couples. Wedding Coupon Book is printed multiple times a year.


Wedding Coupon Book is distributed at all of the Colorado Bridal Shows available in each season and through wedding type businesses like wedding venues, wedding planners and more. Colorado Bridal Shows produce 6 Bridal shows in the Winter/Spring season and 6 Bridal Shows in the Fall season.


Each Season, Colorado Bridal Shows Take Place:

4 in Denver Metro Area (covering the full Denver geographic region)

1 in Northern Colorado-Fort Collins Area

1 in Colorado Springs


Why Advertise in Wedding Coupon?

$270 Billion Dollar Purchasing Power Of Engaged Couples.

Wedding Coupon Book is the only Colorado Bridal Magazine distributed directly to the newest and freshest engaged couples in the Colorado marketplace. Engaged couples are buying everything! They are spending money non-stop, and they can spend some of that money with you!


According to The Knot, the average age of engaged couples is 34 years old (consistent with the couples who attend the Colorado Bridal Shows) ALC Milestones, a consumer marketing agency which monitors wedding spending nationally, estimates the total marriage market to be worth $270 billion in annual spending!


Who Should Advertise?

  • Wedding Professionals. Wedding pros that provide a product/service for the wedding are perfect for Wedding Coupon Book. Your ad will be seen directly by engaged couples planning their wedding!

  • Nearly-wed Type Businesses. Companies that have a product/service for "nearly-weds" (almost married) and soon to be newlyweds should advertise. There is a small window to get in front of this unique consumer group while they create new brand relationships and long-term relationships.


Sample Of Wedding Professional Categories: DJ's, Photographers, Destination Weddings (Mexico, Hawaii & more), Videographers, Bridal Registries, Reception & Ceremony Sites, Formalwear, Rehearsal Dinner Locations, Florists, Honeymoon info, Invitations, Decor Specialties, Officiate, Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes, Party Favors, Caterers, Wedding Planner, Bridal Fashions, Hair Updoos & Makeup, Wedding Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses, Liquor Store And More.


Sample Of Nearly wed -Soon To be Newlywed Categories: Wholesale Clubs, Financial (Investments, Insurance, Auto-Home-Life, Retirement, Disability), Banking, Real Estate (New Apartment, Purchase of Condo or Single-Family Home), Appliance Stores, Home Decor, Furniture Stores, Streaming Services, Automotive, Pampering Services, Home Security, Domestics, Internet And More


Wedding Coupon Book Distribution To Engaged Couples

  1. Wedding-type businesses like wedding venues, wedding planners  and more.

  2. In Colorado Bridal Shows - 6 shows per season. Colorado Bridal Shows have thousands of engaged couples in attendance.

  • Colorado Bridal Shows are Colorado’s largest, longest running Bridal show-circuit and market leader for 20+ years covering Denver, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado-Fort Collins.

  • Record breaking wedding budgets. For 2023, Colorado Bridal Shows is on track to have 35+ million in wedding budgets.

  • Annually, more Brides attend Colorado Bridal Shows than any other Bridal Show in Colorado.

  • Only Bridal shows to go directly to the neighborhoods where the Brides live getting Brides that other Bridal Shows don’t.

  • Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX.


Wedding Coupon Book Pricing

Available To Wedding & Nearly wed Businesses

Inside Ad - $999

Available Only To Wedding Businesses

Front Cover Banner Ad - $1999

Inside Cover - $1599

Back Cover - $1999


Wedding Coupon Book Deadline

Fall 2024 Edition: 7/12/24


Wedding Coupon Mechanical Specs

5.50 wide x 8.50 deep.

Bleed all edges 0.13", this area will be trimmed off.

Quiet area. All edges 0.25" Keep any text or important elements away from this area.

Ad creation. We can create an ad for you which includes 2 minor changes for $135.

Sponsored By:

Free $999 Wedding Coupon Book Ad By Exhibiting In CO Bridal Shows!

Exhibit In 1 Show, Wedding Coupon Book Ad Is $599!

Exhibit In 2 Shows, Wedding Coupon Book Ad is FREE!

(Must be in one show season, contact us for a show schedule)

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